Do Pets Make Us Happier People?

The advantages of having a pet date right to at any rate 15,000 years back, when the idea of lovingly thinking about a trained creature previously got its beginning.

What No One Told Me Before I Adopted a Pet

Rescuing an animal may be a tremendous journey of discovery, adventure, hiccups, stresses, and endless love. Every cat and dog has their own story, most expecting a replacement home through no fault of their own.

You can do all the research, learn all there’s to know about the breed, and refill on all the right supplies and still be surprised. There are a few things that no-one tells you before you adopt a pet, here are 5 things you’ll wish you knew!

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Cat

A great responsibility they have full attention if you adopt them between 6 weeks or younger you would possibly need to bottle feed them and even feed them 4 times each day A great responsibility they have full attention if you adopt them between 6 weeks or younger you would possibly need to bottle feed them and even feed them 4 times each day 

How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat in 5 Steps?

Knowing the way to introduce a dog during a cat to every other properly is important if we’re thinking of getting them under an equivalent roof however we’d like in touch in mind that not all cases will follow equivalent guidelines the personality of the individual animals their previous education their formative experience and therefore the specific environment will all play a neighborhood we’ll show you the simplest way to introduce a cat during a dog

10 Different ways Do CATS To Show AFFECTION

Cats have their own way of expressing their emotions some tokens of affection are very clear others a touch more subtle understanding your cat is that the key think about going to know them for this reason during this blog we show you the multiple ways cats could express their affection

Do Cats Miss Their Owners? Do They Forget Us?

among the various myths that circulate about cats perhaps the foremost common is that cats are too independent to worry about us but this is often not true as companions they’re hooked into us for his or her well-being however does this mean they miss us determine with our blog

What Cats Really Do When You’re Not Hom

have you ever wondered what your cat does when you are not at home looking on your cat’s personality they’ll have certain preferences some prefer to sleep eat and rest others wish to make Or Add your own word cash in of the quiet and do things they would not do when you’re around if you would like to understand what your cat does once they think no one’s watching an animal wise we will discover a number of the most common activities of the house alone feline

Is it Better to Adopt a MALE or FEMALE CAT? and what are the differences?

f you’re thinking of adopting a cat it’s understandable you would like to understand if it’s better to adopt a male or female you wonder if their sex will make any impact on the care you’ll get to provide and whether this affects your family and lifestyle we explain what you would like to think about when adopting a cat

Characteristics of a female cat

Do Cats Dream ? Can They Have Nightmares?

Do cats dream can they have nightmares all felines on the world wish to sleep actually they’re doing it more often than the opposite species of domestic bed young kitten sleep through 20 hours of their entire 24-hour regime older kitties can snooze for up to 16 hours every day but can they dream while doing so or are they just relaxing during a blissful blank slumber

8 Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat

With a feline or two around the house, even the most committed pet parent may relax and underestimate Kitty’s quality. Here are 8 things you ought to NEVER do to your fave cat.


5 Reasons Why Do Cats STARE at Us?

cats are very expressive animals with a posh language, therefore, once they stare at someone it is often because they’re trying to mention something or something has caught their attention does one want to understand why a cat stares into your eyes there are several reasons which we all know to elucidate during this blog

Research Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs

the internet loves cats. We love cats when they’re grumpy we love cats when they’re sweet we even have a strangely high tolerance for cats performing in musical numbers.
But do cats love us?

6 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Follow You Everywhere?

if you reside with a cat you’ll probably notice they need a habit of following you everywhere this behavior could seem strange especially since cats have a reputation for being so independent and happily ignoring their human family during this blog you’ll see why this is not the case with these six reasons why your cat follows you everywhere

How Much Do Cats Sleep And How Much They Need?

If sleeping was an Olympic sport, your cat would probably bring home the trophy. They’re just absolutely expert sleepers. Whether it’s during the day or within the center of the night, kitties are always willing to need a catnap.
However, while you’ll assume there’s nothing special about your cat sleeping, there are plenty of interesting facts concerning kitties and their naps that you simply should realize, just in case you start to worry that your cat’s behavior is abnormal.
How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Do Cats Know Their Names ?

Do cats know their names or recognize our voice in another way? Although we’ve spent over 10,000 years sharing our time with cats, there’s little or no research to figure out the answer to this question.

Fortunately, things do seem to be changing slightly as we share even longer and experiences with our favorite felines, and there are a few interesting recent research pieces that says there’s evidence that cats may indeed know their names.

7 Signs to know that your Cat TRUST YOU

do you know if your cat trusts you? during this blog, we show you the seven common feline behaviors which reveal that your kitten holds tons of trust and affection for you

1)they want to be with you

one of the foremost common signs you cannot trust jeez because they need to spend time with you what I can not have confidence in you

First-time Cat Parent? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you one of the various Americans who have just adopted a pet from a shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic?
If you’ve just welcomed a replacement cat into your home, congratulations on your decision! Cats make warm, sensitive, and pleasant pets.
Most cats are enigmatic, precocious, and relatively self-sufficient. These charming animals entertain, mesmerize, and delight us. to love a cat is to strive to understand its personality, idiosyncrasies, and inherent needs.

What is the age that cats completely grown?

When a toddler finally turns 18 years old, they’re generally considered to be an adult.

But what about our feline family members? At what age are cats fully grown? How do I do know when to start out out out feeding them adult cat food?

Your cat will hit several different milestones that signify that she’s becoming an adult cat, but there’s nobody magic age where a cat stops growing and maturing.

5 Risks Of letting A Dirty Litter Box

A dirty litter box isn’t just gross, it’s a health and happiness risk, too. Cleaning out the litter box might be a crappy job, but leaving it undone could make life a whole lot worse. Here are five risks of keeping an unclean litter box: