Top 10 Reasons Why you should Get a DOG?

why is it the dogs are so special is it their unconditional love their tireless desire to play in this new blog we prepared the top 10 reasons why so many people to choose to spend their lives with a dog by their side if you’rethinking of adopting yourself then we might be able to help you make a firm decision


How To Be A Good Adoptive Pet Parent ?

It is often easy to fall crazy with an animal from a photograph posted online, especially when they’re trying to seek out their forever home. Unfortunately, not everyone is getting to be perfectly matched to the cat, dog, or horse they’re looking to rehome.

While it’s easier said than done, you need to never be disheartened or disappointed if your preferred pet wasn’t able to click with you, it’s about finding the right suit you and thus the animal.

Top 10 Facts to Know about Golden Retrievers

Welcome back today we’ll discuss one among the world’s hottest breeds the retriever you’ll enjoy our top ten facts of this lovable dog let’s start five belongings you might not realize the retriever

1/They are ideal for youngsters

the retriever is understood as a mild friendly and caring dog if they’re well socialized have their daily dose of exercise and therefore the five freedoms of animal welfare are fulfilled the retriever will definitely be the right dog to play together with your children…

5 MISTAKES You Make When You Discipline a CAT

the process of teaching your companion requires tons of patience and calm to profit both you and your cat during this animal-wise video we explain the five commonest mistakes once you discipline a cat in order that you’ll avoid them and better understand your feline

1/Don’t provide alternatives

How To Safety Run With your Dog?

Having a dog as an exercise partner can provide the motivation you’d like on the days you don’t desire running, strengthen the bond between the two of you, and make any boring run fun! There are a few things to believe before grabbing the lead and getting your trainers on, but we’ve put together some advice to help you go running safely alongside your pet.

Things to believe before going running along side your dog

10 Curious Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

if you love dogs as much as we do you’ll want to know as much about them as possible in blog we share 10 curious facts about dogs you probably didn’t know hopefully you’ll discover something new

10 things dogs Hate about humans

As with all relationships even dogs and humans can often have misunderstandings but a variety of them go unnoticed to avoid these issues together with your faithful friend you’ll need to ask yourself a number of questions, for instance, you ought to knowhow adults think what their basic needs are or what things usually bother them does one want to understand these common annoyances

5 Things Never Do Them To Your Dog

it’s safe to mention that probably everyone a minimum of once in their life has dreamed of getting a dog I mean dogs are manned ally aren’t they however any beginner dog owner must be prepared before committing to a replacement puppy companion we all know that our viewers are very responsible people or a minimum of that we hope they’re which they need to be prepared before welcoming a replacement puppy to their family so in today’s video we decided to offer you a touch little bit of insight into dogs behaviors these are five things that you simply should never under any circumstance do to your dog lets start

Why Does Dogs Lick People ?

Picture this: you only arrive home and are greeted with warm, saliva-filled chops around your face. Whilst it’d be a symbol of pure excitement from your dog when they’re happy to ascertain you, there are other reasons why our dogs do that .

Just like barking, licking may be a tool that your dog will use to speak with you. Since they can’t speak our language, they use their body to inform us how they’re feeling.


Can Dogs Eat Popcorn ?Is Pop Corn Safe For Dogs ?

Popcorn is one of the staple snacks we wish to possess , especially when it’s a movie night. And who might be there lingering beside us hoping to urge a few of dropped pieces of popcorn that we scarf down in bunches? It’s our beloved pooches, of course!

But as you think that about giving your dog a few of nibbles of your popcorn, you’d possibly wonder if it’s really safe for them to eat.

5 Things Dogs Do Better Than Humans

dogs are extraordinary animals with qualities instincts of behavior which are very different to our own in only a couple of years they’re ready to accumulate and assimilate experiences which we might take a few years to completely comprehend during this blog we’re getting to mention these amazing animals like stand inequalities detailing fine things that dog shit better than humans let’s start

10 Signs to know that you are the favourite person to a dog

Dogs are sociable animals and most cases are also very affectionate willing to show us just how much they love us how can we know if we are our dog’s favorite person in this blog we show you 10 signs which will tell you you are the chosen ones in your pets affections

Female Dog In Heat /What To Do?

Hi everyone welcomei feel today along side her ki and Milton to talk to you about female dogs and third heat now this is often often often often the proper timing to talk to you about this because as you will see nelson is wearing slightly diaper or pennies however you’d wish to call it and she’s currently browsing her first heat and this happened last weekend which suggests just fortnight before her first birthday

10 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pet’s Life

Our pets are our babies we pamper them spoil them and let’s be honest would rather occupy home and cuddle them on a Friday night rather than meeting up with our human friends there is no denying that fur babies are our family but unfortunately, tons of individuals unwittingly make some serious mistakes in their pet care which will cause all types of health problems and even a shorter lifespan none folks want that so let’s examine what major no-nose you ought to avoid when it involves taking care of your pet and what you ought to do instead

10 Things Which Stress Out Your Dog

stress and dogs are one among the disorders which go untreated the foremost and may have severe consequences this is often because on countless occasions it tends to be confused with misconduct this is an error which frequently further masks the matter instead of addressing it to stop this from happening this blog brings you the ten things which stress your dog out the foremost

Why Dogs Are So Friendly?

Dogs are friendly because they need to be evolved over the years into man’s ally. A far cry from their wolf ancestors who remain aloof and distant. Dogs, it’s been scientifically proven, have some DNA suggesting they need a genetic predisposition to be friendly and sociable. Dogs are a part of man’s environment for hundreds of years and have learned to adapt to living with people and pleasing the people they accept.

7 Ways to Tell Your Dog That You Love Him

it’s fairly common to question what proportion our dogs love us we might want to delve deeper into canine language and better understand how dogs manifest their affection of behaviors however in evaluating how our furry friends feel about us we may overlook how they could perceive the love we’ve for them have you ever ever wondered how you would possibly reward the unconditional love our dogs give to us during this blog we show you ways to inform your dog you’re keen on them with 7 tips to enhance the bond between you and your ally