6 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Follow You Everywhere?

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if you reside with a cat you’ll probably notice they need a habit of following you everywhere this behavior could seem strange especially since cats have a reputation for being so independent and happily ignoring their human family during this blog you’ll see why this is not the case with these six reasons why your cat follows you everywhere

1/You are their security

when they are newborn kittens will follow their mother everywhere in order that they can both find out how to navigate their world and also feel safe by adopting a cat whether a kitten or adult cat you become a sort of surrogate parent you feed them clean their litter tray lookout of them motivate them to play and offer them much affection your cat knows you’ll protect them in the least costs and ensure their needs are covered rewarding you with unconditional love and company

2/They need to be entertained

it’s common for cats to be easily bored especially if they spend all their time indoors they can’t perform the standard exploratory and hunting behaviors innate to felines for this reason the cat may follow you around looking to be stimulated also you spend many hours each day faraway from the house the cat is probably going to follow you around to urge the engagement they need missed while you have been away

3/They are patrolling

their territory in nature a part of a cat’s daily activities is to steer around their territory several times they are doing this both to spread their scent and to chase away possible intruders being inside the cat cannot do an equivalent as they might within the wild but you’re coming and going might make them desire you’re patrolling an equivalent territory and that they want to accompany on your mission

4/They may need your help

some cats prepare to cover once they feel discomfort or pain taking a silent attitude or maybe becoming hostile once we get too close however others do the other enter the humans with constant meowing if anything disturbs them since they will believe their human companions for help if your cat follows you and meows constantly it’s possible they’re either in poor health or are lacking something whether it’s food a clean litter box or whatever go-to the vet if unsure

5/They are playing hunting

playtime is extremely important during a cat’s development especially hunting and catching prey a cat within the wild are going to be ready to hunt several times each day whether to feed or maybe for fun to exercise their instinct for this reason its common for the cast to play hunting games with you especially if they do not produce other stimuli around this might be as simple as chasing birds at the window this is often why the cat may attempt to stop you and swiping you as you walk past all it is thanks to engaging their instincts and have some fun

6/They love being with you

contrary to what some believe cats enjoy spending time together with her human family they supply love affection and pampering so most cats know they will believe their human family as domestication has progressed over the years cats are getting more sociable and love being with their human companions if your cat follows you everywhere you would possibly expect them to take a seat where you sit or live where you reside with great care they will spend time with their favorite person within the world

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