10 Different ways Do CATS To Show AFFECTION

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Cats have their own way of expressing their emotions some tokens of affection are very clear others a touch more subtle understanding your cat is that the key think about going to know them for this reason during this blog we show you the multiple ways cats could express their affection


The main and most idiosyncratic way cats show affection and relaxation is purring if your cat loves you they can not but help her when next to you

2/they rub against you

When a cat rubs against an individual or object they’re marking with their scent making clear to other cats that this is often their family and their territory therefore when a cat rubs against you they not only such as you but accept you as a part of the family

3/follows you everywhere

If your cat features a deep attachment to you it’s normal to constantly follow you throughout the house this is often also how to point out their lovesome cats even accompany their humans to the toilet discover other reasons why your cat follows you everywhere within the video that we share here

4/licking you

Cats belonging to an equivalent family group often groom one another it’s their way of leaving their characteristic smell also as taking care of every other if your cat licks you it’s their way of showing you that you simply are a part of the family and that they are keen on you

5/greet you once you get home

When your cat involves welcome you once you arrive it’s an excellent sign of affection since they miss you once you aren’t there

6/shows you their belly

When your cat shows you their belly is because they need you to pay the eye but also it’s a transparent indication that they trust you since their belly may be a very vulnerable area

7/stares at you

Having one cat stare at another are often an act of intimidation when your cat stares at you placidly the meaning changes completely during this case they do not feel threatened by you, they’re interested by your actions they’ll even be eager to get your attention to get other reasons why cats stare at you during this blog

8/sleeps beside or on top of you

If your cat sleeps beside you they’re doing so because they feel comfortable also when sleeping they are completely unprotected so being next to you when sleeping means they feel safe from threats

9/meows at you

When a cat wants to urge your attention they’re going to usually meow this will be done if they need their football filled for instance they’ll also simply want to hold out with you receive some affection or play because they love you

10/brings you gifts

Although it’s going to not be the foremost pleasant display of affection our cat’s intentions are pure once they bring us their prey whether alive or dead a cat bringing insects mice birds or other gifts may be a sign of affection and another affirmation they consider as a part of the family cats may love us

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