Is it Better to Adopt a MALE or FEMALE CAT? and what are the differences?

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If you’re thinking of adopting a cat it’s understandable you would like to understand if it’s better to adopt a male or female you wonder if their sex will make any impact on the care you’ll get to provide and whether this affects your family and lifestyle we explain what you would like to think about when adopting a cat

Characteristics of a female cat

Before we start is vital to understand that a lower cat’s behavior is partly influenced by their sex there are many other factors which can influence how they behave the subsequent characteristics are generalized

Loving homey and productive

female cats are often more affectionate and residential they have a tendency to hunt physical contact frequently want to feel safe in their trusted environment and are often protective of their family this need arises from the maternal instinct, especially , trying to find a secure and cozy refuge if they need to possess a litter

Intolerant of sudden change

due to a requirement for security female cats tend to tolerate less sudden changes in habits and environment

Heat cycle and neutering in cats

another point to stay in mind is that females have a heat cycle usually between the spring and summer during these stages cats experience stress and anxiety meow frequently may spray urine within the home and/or run away this poses a danger to the cat and a nuisance to the guardians additionally there’s a risk which will become pregnant and contribute to uncontrolled growth of the cat population, unfortunately, there are often not enough families to adopt them which may cause them being mistreated or abandoned here we share a video during which we explain everything you would like to understand about the warmth cycle in cats however there’s a crucial solution to the present problem namely the nutrient every cat during this way you’ll prevent many factors which will harm your cat also as prevent health problems like developing ovarian cysts

Characteristics of a male cat

unlike females who tend to organize to remain round the home, male cats can have a lively drive which causes them to often go outside from the house to hunt females in heat


male cats often have a more independent nature and are more boisterous and character this will become problematic as they have a tendency to run away and wander thanks to their got to explore and look for mates this behavior can cause becoming lost or maybe risk having an accident


males often get into conflict with other meals thanks to competition for territory and myths this suggests they’re more likely to receive injuries like scratches and biting which may successively transmit disease more easily aside from fighting males will often develop urine spraying to mark territory and warn other cats away

Neutering male cats

for the explanations we’ve mentioned it’s always advisable to castrate your cat as soon because it is feasible and before they’re sexually mature this is often the safest option for them well it’s going to be possible to contain and stop them deed an unneutered male will still feel anxious and frustrated because they are not allowed to exercise the sexual behavior they will become very stressed and develop the hero problems neutering the cat will help reduce potential problems and inappropriate behaviors like marking no matter the sex of a cat however it’s important to recollect socialization environmental factors and other influences also will determine how they act as a private cat we’ll see you next time

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