7 Signs to know that your Cat TRUST YOU

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do you know if your cat trusts you? during this blog, we show you the seven common feline behaviors which reveal that your kitten holds tons of trust and affection for you

they want to be with you

one of the foremost common signs you cannot trust jeez because they need to spend time with you what I can not have confidence in you they’re going to invite you to play or sit next to you on the sofa for a cushty nap because they trust you’re there to require care of you another great show of confidence happens with a cat sleeps on your chest feet or any a part of your body

they rub against you

a cat’s body produces and secretes pheromones which mainly serve to mark territory or possessions so when your cat rubs up against you they’re not only showing love and trust they’re claiming to use their property you would like to understand why your cat rubs between your legs

they bring you food

many people wonder why cats bring them dead animals as a present it’s believed to be associated withthe custom of teaching one another within their own feline communities your cat is trying to show you ways to survive in the world successively showing you they consider you a part of a family and have gained their trust

they show you their belly

if your cat rolls on the bottom and exposes their belly to you it means they’re during a state of utmost relaxation and thus they trust you if your cat shows their belly to you simply or sleeps during this position next to your shows they need particular confidence in trusting me however albeit they trust you the bulk of cats do not like having their bellies touched as they will feel very susceptible to know whether you’ll pet them where you would like to urge to understand their personality

They knead you

many people wonder why cats need their mothers to stimulate milk production from the breasts it’s a natural and instinctive behavior they share with their mother this contact also produces a sense of delight and well-being since they feel welcome and safe with their mothers therefore if your cat needs you it’s a transparent sign they trust you and that they feel very comfortable in your presence to try to you would like to understand more about this feline behavior here above

raise and twist their Tail

the movements and positions of a cat’s tallest us skills they feel about us and their environment if your cat approaches you to lift their tail and slightly twist the tip it likely means they trust you this behavior are often observed in cat groups which sleep in harmony and feel comfortable in each other’s presence


cats can purr for various reasons counting on their age and therefore the context during which they are doing so for instance kittens both once they are enjoying suckling from their mother but once they are scared of unknown stimuli their mother also uses this same sound to can them during labor and to guide them through their first days of life, therefore, adult cats will often purr in positive situations like when feeding feeling relaxed or confident within the company of a person’s finally

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