What No One Told Me Before I Adopted a Pet

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yeah I had Debbie since she was four weeks old so I even have literally skilled just about everything that you simply could undergo from the start stages so I wanted to return and ask you guys about something specifically with Maltese that I desire most of the people do not know that I didn’t know once I first got hurt that are vital in making your decision if you would like to possess a dog because something that folks do not know is that Maltese I’m statistically are one among the foremost like abandoned dogs that basically quite causes you to sad of all the dog breeds so I just want to place this out there and just put some things that I wish that I knew before I got therapy which will be helpful for you in choosing your dog having a Maltese look after your Maltese and you recognize y’all just chilling okay so if you see Debbie immediately as you’ll see she quite seems like a terrier in my opinion her hair is extremely short and if you follow me on social media you guys know that her hair usually isn’t this short which brings us to responsibility favorite when it involves have a Maltese Maltese are hypoallergenic dogs which suggests they’re great for people that have dog allergies they also don’t shed tons of individuals I always wonder that because Maltese are typically like long-haired dogs but theydon’t shed I mean albeit that does like wait a moment there is a hair right there but they really do not like and fewer like she’s they go through something they’re having skin issues Maltese don’t shed their hypoallergenic and they are fine just about for many people with allergies so compared to like short-haired dogs or dogs of sunshine i feel it’s maybe call it one coats their dogs who require tons of maintenance on the primary side um you recognize tons of brushing which i’m very bad about doing my dog is extremely rambunctious so I’m their hair can get tangled and matted and dirty Maltese are white dogs so keep it in mind if you’re somebody like me once I first got baby out really anal about keeping her white all the time as you you recognize continue I desire with having a dog you only don’t stress about it the maximum amount I’m as you’ll see her paws immediately are brown because she goes outside Debbie is especially and actually dog and that is a private preference but she does go outside like a minimum of once each day so um getting to |they’ll”> they’re going to get dirty and maintaining their very first thing you’re going to possess to you recognize think about creamy if you are going to bring yourself you’re gonna need to find out how to try to to that or you’re gonna need to find an honest groomer therefore the second thing they do not tell you about the Maltese breed is how yeah II they’re Maltese are characteristically yappy dogs they bark they’re very high strong they bark at everything w-will bar x ice falling within the freezer she is going to bark at something driving by out the window that really may be a trait of Maltese now Gracie’s I even have seen some Maltese five years that are a bit like little angels they still are don’t make any noise they are not really hyper I actually wish I do with those Maltese moms do but dubby and last but not least and I specifically say this one for fewer because it’s the foremost important thing that I desire you ought to know before you get all of them teeth is that they’re super hard to deal with break train get them to not pee on yolk, okay it’s just something about Maltese breeds it’s out there you’ll google it it’s just again I didn’t know these I just wanted a reasonable dog okay it’s out there Maltese are characteristically hard to house-train they only are I do not know what it’s about this breed but they only desire they’re alleged to pee on your stuff and if it had been one thing that I could change about this dog and one thing that I fight it had been and obtain upset with this dog and have the most issues together with his dog is it’s her pain on everything like aren’t getting me wrong like she is going to go month weeks without pee on anything then she’ll just get in Abood attitude not get enough attention you recognize anything and she’ll just peed on whatever she sees feet she has pee on my bed she has peed on my furniture she has peed on my carpet she has peed on me like she has literally literally peed on me she will go at a command I can tell her to travel pee and she or he will attend her puppy pad or if we’re outside and that we are and that i tell her that she is going to literally stop what she’s doing and enter the grass and go pee so she is extremely trained with commands she knows you recognize to travel big you guys you bought some a part of me to understand her to travel to baby yes usually what I do when she’s aged my nerves I just wanted to travel sit down and you continue to I’ll tell her to travel to bed she locator in her bed totally dopey she’ll attend her spot like if we’re within the house I told her to travel pee immediately she is going to walk off from me attend her puppy pad and go pee then I can just go pick it up and throw it away my recommendation to those that are becoming a Maltese because i do know somebody goes to mention this and comment well you actually shouldn’t train your dogs to be house dogs or continue puppy pads certain the future in the least and that i accept as true with that that’s just how I chose to coach her because once i trained dogs to travel on puppy path in your house then in their mind they think that anywhere in your home is prey albeit they know that the puppy pad is there’s something about letting them go in your house period teaches them that it’s okay to pee anywhere so we are slowly breaking her out of using puppy pads just all at once it’s just what I trained her ways that is what she learned that is what she knew and that is what worked well for us just like the first three years of her life really did not have any issues thereupon and what I’m noticing is we only started having issues together with her TVs and puppy pads once I began to move her changing her in my pants you recognize we moved across the country I used to be moving to Birmingham and who was a special apartment in Birmingham changing her apartment and heard about our case per annum I feel is what adore started the entire like her peeing on everything sort of theme and once I was doing like research and things like well what could be the causes in fact changing their environment are often the cause but also it’s characteristic of Maltese just be really hard to housebreak so it just might be a mixture of both but this is often just to offer people that may have a Maltese puppy a touch encouragement that you simply ‘re having a tough time housebreaking your Maltese that really it probably isn’t anything that you do wrong it’s just they’re just characteristically a touch stubborn in that area and that I think once I first like housebroke her and trained her it probably took us an honest eight months approximately before I used to be just confident that I could leave her within the house outside of her crate and she or he does not feel anything and there are still days now where I do not slot in companies and I am such as you know what girl I’m only gonna be going two hours just plow ahead continue in your crate got many rooms within the air you recognize you’re fine I’ll hit you once I get back okay everything else is simply quite you recognize once we can we play we do not we glance but that’s it for this week’s finally Friday

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